Racan Mouse Poison Paste Bait Bags x 24


Racan Mouse Poison Paste Bait Bags x 24 [ 240g ].

With new micro encapsulation technology, Racan is a rapid mouse killer which gives a lethal dose of poison with the first feeding.

Contains the active ingredient Alphachlorolose which is a  fast acting mouse poison that puts mice into a peaceful sleep making this poison one of the most humane for killing mice.

  • Easy to use in individual paste sachets - no need to open the sachets
  • 24 x 10g poison paste sachets
  • Highly palatable to mice
  • Contains a hazelnut attractant to lure rodent mice to take up the bait
  • Fast and effective
  • Humane mice control
  • We advise that this poison should be used in our Tamper Proof Mouse Bait Boxes to keep this highly lethal product safe

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