Woodworm Fumigation Power Fogger x 2


Woodworm Fumigation Power Fogger is an effective product to use to combat a problem with woodworm beetles.

These foggers are a new type of smoke bomb in an aerosol can that release a 'one shot' mist to fumigate a room to kill and eliminate woodworm beetles. Ideal for use in inaccessible places such as under floors and in roof voids to kill adult furniture beetles.

  • 2 x fogger cans will treat up to 300 cubic metres / 10594 cubic feet
  • Contains Cyphenothrin 0.330% w/w and Imiprothrin 0.110% w/w

Please note that the smoke from these foggers will not penetrate wood to kill the woodworm larvae but will kill the adult insects which then breaks the breeding cycle.

Woodworm Fumigation Power Foggers are best to use in conjunction with our Woodworm Killer Spray or our Woodworm Treatment Liquid Killer available in a 2.5 litre can or a 5 litre can depending on the size of area that you need to treat. These liquid products will penetrate wood to kill existing larvae or they are for use as a preventative treatment to make sure your wooden furniture or structures are protected from wood boring insects.

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