Woodworm Fumigation Power Fogger x 2


Woodworm Fumigation Power Fogger is an effective product to use to combat a problem with woodworm beetles.

These foggers are a new type of smoke bomb in an aerosol can that release a 'one shot' mist to fumigate a room to kill and eliminate woodworm beetles. Ideal for use in inaccessible places such as under floors and in roof voids to kill adult furniture beetles.

  • 2 x fogger cans will treat up to 300 cubic metres
  • Contains Cyphenothrin 0.330% w/w and Imiprothrin 0.110% w/w

Woodworm Fumigation Power Foggers are best to use in conjunction with our Woodworm Killer Spray or our Woodworm Treatment Liquid Killer available in a 2.5 litre can or a 5 litre can depending on the size of area that you need to treat.

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