Ultrasonic Fox, Cat and Dog Scarer


Ultrasonic Fox, Cat and Dog Scarer will repel, deter, stop and get rid of nuisance foxes, feral cats and neighbours dogs from your garden or outdoor area.

This unit runs on either battery power or mains electric with the use of the Mains Adaptor for sale separately. 

  • Battery powered by 6 x 1.5v batteries [ not included ]
  • Coverage area of up to 12 metres / 40 feet in front of the unit in an arc of 180 degrees
  • Emits a high pitched ultrasonic sound to frighten foxes away only when a fox comes into its PIR [passive infra red] motion detection range

If the unit is run on mains electric, the ultrasonic sound waves are emitted continuously without the need for the animal pest to come into the range of the repellent device.

  • Has a ground fixing spike
  • Inaudible to humans
  • Effective and easy method to humanely control foxes in the garden

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