Solar Powered Garden Mole Repeller


Solar Powered Garden Mole Repeller is an easy to use and eco friendly method of repelling and getting rid of garden moles. effective at driving away garden moles without harming them, to protect lawns and gardens from mole damage such as mole hills.

This mole deterrent device is powered by 'free' energy from the sun which eliminates the need to use batteries and therefore is very cost effective. Even when the sun is not shining the rechargeable solar panel of this repellent will be recharched by daylight which keeps the repeller working on dull days and throughout the night.

* Emits a sonic pulse every 15-20 seconds

* Covers a treatment area of about 7500sq.ft. / 700sq.metres

* No batteries needed

* Safe to use where children and pets are present

Our Solar Powered Garden Mole Repeller is a humane method of mole pest control.

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