Silverfish Killer Treatment Pack


Silverfish Killer Treatment Pack is a combination of pest control products to kill and get rid of silverfish in the home or business.

Our Silver Fish Killer Treatment Pack contains:

6 x Silverfish Glue Traps - these will kill silverfish and also act as a guide as to where most of them are hiding, so treatment can be concentrated on those areas.

1 x 150g of Silverfish Insect Killing Powder - this powder is based on Bendiocarb which is the most effective killer dust and is used for cracks and crevices where silverfish hide.

1 x litre of Silverfish Killer Spray - for use on hard surfaces and furnishings including carpets. It will continue to kill silverfish crawling over treated surfaces for up to 4 weeks.after the initial treatment.

1 x Face Mask and Gloves - for added protection.

1 x Advice Sheet giving step by step details on how to use the products.

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Next Day Delivery.

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