Mains Electric Cat Repeller


Mains Electric Cat Repeller- Outdoor Use is very effective for repelling and getting rid of nuisance cats outside in the garden.

This unit can be wall mounted coming with a fixing bracket or it can be moved around the garden as it also comes with a fixing rod.

Our Mains Electric Cat Repeller works on electrical power and comes with a 10 metre cable. Or you can run this cat repellent unit on Solar energy, with the special Solar Power Kit that can be bought separately under our Cat Pest Control section.

Ultrasonic sound waves are emitted that disturb cats but will not effect humans, birds or fish.

This device works on a PIR [Passive Infra Red] range of 15metres / 50feet. The total coverage is 235square metres / 2500square feet.

Effective and humane method cat pest control that will not offend your neighbours as this repellent unit looks like a light sensor!

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