Ultrasonic Ant Repeller 2500


Our Ultrasonic Ant Repeller 2500 is only for use inside the house or business and it is most effective for repelling and deterring problem ants.

Easy to use, just plug in this electromagnetic and ultrasonic repellent device and you will start to drive away crawling black ants.

The unit should initially be plugged into the room affected and set on the ultra sonic setting. Then once the ants have been driven out, switch to the electromagnetic setting to humanely keep your home or office free of ants and other insects.

The Ultrasonic Ant Repeller 2500 is the most popular ant detterent device that is sold throughout the UK and Europe.

* Covers an area of upto 2500 square feet / 232 square metres.

* Available in 3 pin UK plug (for 2 pin Continental plug please call 03330 119703 to order over the phone)

* Humane

* No poison and no kill

Next day delivery.

Our price includes VAT.

In stock.

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