Battery Operated Badger Repeller


Battery Operated Badger Repeller is an ultra sonic repellent unit for getting rid of badgers.

Ideal for use in fields or in gardens etc.

* Covers a range in front of the unit of 50 feet / 15 metres with an arc of 60 degrees.

* Uses 2 x 9 volt PP3 batteries [ not included ] - the batteries last for about 30 days if the unit is activated 200 times per day

* Works on a PIR / Passive Infra Red motion sensor which activates when a badger comes into it's range

* Comes with fixings for floor, wall or fence mounting and a spike fitting for fixing directly into the lawn etc

Our Battery Operated Badger Repeller is a portable unit that can easily be moved around to where badgers are causing damage in gardens or to prevent them coming into gardens.

Batteries are not included.

Next day delivery.

Our price includes VAT.

In stock.

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