Organic Flea Control Treatment Pack


Organic Flea Control Treatment Pack contains a combination of natural and chemical free pest control products to kill and get rid of a cat or dog flea infestation in 1 - 2 rooms within the home or business.

Our Organic Flea Control Treatment Pack contains:

1 x 500ml OA2KI Organic and Natural Flea Killer Spray - this is not a residual product and so reapplication may be required. This spray is for use on carpets and soft furnishings etc

1 x 500g Diatomaceous Earth Non Toxic Flea Killing Dust for use in cracks and crevices or around room edges, where the carpet meets the wall, which are places where fleas like to live and hide. This chemical free powder can also be sprinkled directly onto cat or dog bedding

1 x Protective Face Mask and Gloves

Instruction Sheet detailing how to best apply these pest control products

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