Organic Ant Control Treatment Pack


Organic Ant Control Treatment Pack is for use indoors or outdoors. The products within this pack are also ideal for use in the greenhouse or garden areas where crops are to be grown.

Organic Ant Control Treatment Pack contains:

* 1 x OA2KI Organic Ant Killer Spray 500ml - which contains completeley organic, comminuted plant materials to kill ants naturally. Spray treat areas where ants have been seen.

* 1 x Diatomaceous Earth Organic Ant Killer Powder 400g - which permeates the body of ants, killing the insects through dessication, which means, drying them out.

* 1 x Face Mask and 1 x Pair of Gloves for added protection.

* 1 x Information Sheet which gives advice on how best to use the products within the pack.

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