Mains Electric Fox Repeller


Mains Electric Fox Repeller is an effective ultrasonic device to scare and chase away problem foxes that are making a mess in your garden by digging up plants, vegetables or destroying the lawn.

  • Powered by mains electricity 
  • Comes with a 10 metre / 32 foot electrical cable 
  • Coverage area of 15 metres / 50 feet with a total coverage of 235 square metres / 2500 square feet 
  • Emits a high pitched ultrasonic sound to frighten foxes away only when a fox comes into its PIR [passive infra red] motion detection range 
  • Has 4 x speakers for maximum effect 
  • Ground fixing spike and wall / fence mounting brackets included 
  • Inaudible to humans 
  • Effective and easy method to humanely control foxes in the garden or on the land

Alternatively you can buy separately a Solar Power Kit which allows you to run this fox repeller with free eco energy from the sun.

See also our Battery Operated Fox Repeller.

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