The Edge Electric Glue Board Fly Killer


The Edge Electric Glue Board Fly Killer uses 'Synergetic' uv / ultra violet tubes to attract flies, wasps, mosquitoes, midges and other flying insects on to it's sticky glue pads.

This fly trap uses 30 watts to function giving of an attractant light not only to the front of the unit but also to the sides.

The glue boards of this unit are unique in the way they unfold around the high efficacy ultraviolet tubes, creating 30% more glueboard than traditional 'flat' ones. This type of glue board is prove to produce a 31.5% increase of catch rate to standard glue board machines.

* 2 x 15 watt UV bulbs

* Dimensions 470mm x 285mm x90mm

* Covers up to 80 sq. mtrs

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