Greenhouse and Garden Bug Killing Spray 750ml


Greenhouse and Garden Bug Killing Spray 750ml is suitable for use indoors in conservatories or outdoors in greenhouses or anywhere else where aphids such as greenfly, whitefly or blackfly are being a problem.This product will also kill and stop leafhoppers, lily beetles, spider mites, thrips and other flying insect bugs.

  • Easy to use in a trigger spray
  • Natural and organic
  • Use on edible crops or ornamental plants
  • Fast acting, kills on contact
  • Kills the adult insects as well as the eggs
  • Can be reapplied after 7 days
  • Contains natural Pyrethrin

In greenhouses or conservatories, we advise using in conjunction with our Greenhouse Fumigator, Smoke Bomb Fumers or Glue Board Traps for a complete control of whitefly, greenfly or blackfly. See our suggested products here: Aphid Pest Control

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