Fusion 4 Electric Glue Board Fly Killer


Fusion 4 Electric Glue Board Fly Killer is a large fly trap suitable for use in a food warehouse, supermarket or large domestic kitchen. This type of sticky glue fly killing machine avoids possible explosion of flies as with traditional fly zappers, which is preferable where food is being prepared.

This unit is a powerful 72 watt flykiller which covers a wide area killing and stopping fly and flying insect pest infestations.

* 4 x 18 watt UV / Ultraviolet tubes

* Dimensions: 665mm x 380mm x 130mm

* Covers up to 180 square metres

* CE Approved and formally tested to BS EN 60335-2-59 and European EMC Directive

* 2 year Manufacturer's Warrenty

1 - 2 day delivery.

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