Bed Bug Midi Smoke Bomb Fumers x 10


Bed Bug Midi Smoke Bomb Fumers x 10 for killing and getting rid of bed bugs. The midi range of smoke generators are stronger and more powerful than the standard mini smoke foggers.

These are the best smoke 'bombs' to fumigate a room affected by a biting bed bug infestation and 1 fumer per 25 cubic metres is necessary.

We would always advise that you use a surface insecticidal spray and suitable insecticide powder along with these fumigating smokes as each product has it's own specific function in eliminating and eradicating problem bed bug insects.

Easy to use, just place the fumer on an old plate or 1 square metre piece of tin foil, light and then the smoke will be emitted over about a 1 minute period. You should not re enter the treated area for approximately 4 - 6 hours after the treatment commenced.

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