Bed Bug Midi Smoke Bomb Fumers x 2


Bed Bug Midi Smoke Bomb Fumers x 2 are powerful smoke generatorss to kill bed bugs in bedrooms and other rooms where these biting bugs are present.

Midi Smoke Fumers seep into cracks and crevices which are the hiding and breeding sites of bed bugs.

Each smoke fumer will treat a room of 3m x 3m (up to 25 cubic metres).

Remove fish tanks, pets etc., before starting this fumigation treatment and do not enter the room for between 4-6 hours after lighting the smoke 'bombs'.

This product does not leave a residue after the smoke has cleared and so it does not contaminate furnishings or bedding etc.

Midi Bed Bug Smoke Fumers offer an effective treatment to kill, stop and get rid of bedbugs at a low cost. Best used in conjunction with a bed bug killer insecticide and a bed bug killing powder.

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