Clothes Moth Smoke Bomb Fumers x 20


Clothes Moth Smoke Bomb Fumers x 20 give off a fogging smoke to fumigate a room for killing and getting rid of an infestation of clothes moths.

Each smoke bomb will treat upto 30 square metres. For example 1 x per single sized room or 2 x per double room.

Easy to use, just make sure that all the windows are closed. Then place the smoke fumer on a heat resistant surface and light. Leave the room for approx. 4 - 6 hours.

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We would always advise you to use a Clothes Moth Killing Insecticide and a Clothes Moth Killer Powder to make sure tha you give a full and complete pest control treatment to eliminate these damage causing pests. Please see our suggested products under the Clothes Moth Pest Control category to the left.

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