Food Moth Control Treatment Pack


Food Moth Control Treatment Pack contains all the pest control products you need to kill an infestation of stored food product moths such as Biscuit / Bread BeetlesIndian Meal Moth, Mediterranean Flour Moths and Pantry Moths etc.

Our Food Moth Control Treatment Pack contains:

1 x Food Moth Killer Aerosol Spray which is a 'flushing agent' that seeks out and kills stored food product moths - use under kitchen units, behind fridges and other kitchen machines or free standing furniture. This spray contains natural pyrethrins and has a residual effect that continues to work for several weeks after the initial spray treatment

1 x OA2KI Organic and Natural House Moth Killer Spray which is a chemical free, non toxic treatment that kills stored food product moths, their eggs and their larvae - use inside kitchen cupboards after you have removed food stuffs and destroyed any stored product that shows signs of a food moth infestation. Once dry re-stock your cupboards

3 x Demi Diamond Food Moth Traps with 6 x replacement glue board pads. The glue boards are  impregnated with a pheromone lure which attracts stored food product moths into the traps

1 x Protective Face Mask and Gloves

Instruction Sheet detailing how best to apply these pest control products

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