Fly, Wasp and Mosquito Swatter Bat

Fly, Wasp and Mosquito Swatter Bat is easy to use and is for outdoor or indoor use.

This electronic racquet is handy to keep near for swatting the odd fly, wasp or mosquito that may be bothering you on the patio, around the bbq or in the garden when outside. It is also handy to keep one of these bats inside the home to swat the odd buzzing insect that is being a nuisance. Also an effective piece of equipment to take camping or for when going on walks in the countryside!
  • Lightweight for ease of use
  • Has a soft rubber handle grip
  • Simply hold the ON/Activation button when swinging the bat at an insect
  • Electrocutes all types of flying insects
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries [ not included ]
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