Fly & Flying Insect Control Treatment Pack 1


Fly and Flying Insect Control Treatment Pack 1 to eliminate and eradicate a problem with flies.

If you have noticed an increase in flies, this could be do to several reasons such as exposed pet food or other foodstuff being an attractant.

In the first instance you may wish to get rid of the infestation with the products supplied in this pack, but then you may also consider a long term, permanent solution such as the use of Fly Screens or an Electric Fly Killer. These items can be seen under their own Categories to the left.

Our Fly and Flying Insect Killer Kit consists of:

1 x Litre Residual Fly Killing Insecticide

1 x 150g Fly Killer Powder

2 x Smoke Bomb Fumigators

1 x Face Mask & Pair of Gloves


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