Electric Flea Killing Trap


Electric Flea Killing Trap is an effective unit for use to prevent a problem with cat or dog fleas as well as being of use as part of a flea control treatment plan combined with our flea control insecticides, powders and smoke bomb fumers.

This Electric Flea Killing Trap attracts fleas by using a bulb that radiates heat to mimic a warm blooded cat or dog. The fleas then jump into the trap, thinking they are going to land for their next 'blood' meal but instead they get stuck on the traps sticky glue pad.

  • Easy to use, simply plug in
  • Use 1 x trap per room with a flea infestation
  • Chemical free
  • No smell
  • Comes with 3 x glue board discs

See here for our Electric Flea Killing Trap Replacement Discs and Bulbs pack.

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