Dog Repellent and Deterrent Spray 750ml

Dog Repellent and Deterrent Spray 750ml is ideal for repelling and stopping dogs from fouling or marking their territory on patios, pavements, walkways, walls and fences etc. This product can also be sprayed directly on to flower beds, on to the lawn or around vegetables etc.
  • Easy to use pump action sprayer
  • Non toxic smell deterrent
  • For outdoor use only
  • 750ml will treat an area up to 225 square metres / 2421 square feet
  • Humane method of dog pest control
  • Will be affected by rainy conditions and so a re-application will be required
Available in a larger quantity Dog Repellent and Deterrent Spray 1.5 litres that will treat up to 450 square metres / 4842 square feet.

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