Diatomaceous Earth Non Toxic Ant Killing Dust 2kg


Diatomaceous Earth Non Toxic Ant Killing Dust 2kg is an eco friendly, natural and organic powder to kill ants and other household or garden insects.

Diatomaceous Earth [ DE ] is made of the diatoms of crushed sea fossils. The sharp edges of this powder are abrasive and pierce the exoskeleton of the insects which causes them to die through desiccation which means they dry out through dehydration.

Apply this dust to areas where there is ant activity so that the ants can crawl through this product to carry it back to their nest. Where an ants nests has been found, just sprinkle the powder over the nest to kill the insects within.

  • Use in dry areas for best effect
  • Use in areas where ants are seen or into cracks and crevices where ants live and hide
  • 450g of this chemical free dust will cover the edges of an average sized room for effective ant eradication

If you need to apply this powder around larger areas you may wish to use our Dust Blower for applying Ant Killing Powders

Diatomaceous Earth Non Toxic Ant Killing Dust is also available in a 450g container.

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