Diatomaceous Earth Non Toxic Ant Killing Dust 500g


Diatomaceous Earth Non Toxic Ant Killing Powder will kill, stop and get rid of an ants infestation inside the home or outside in the garden.

This is an natural and organic method of eliminating and eradicating a problem with ants. It kills the insects through dessication - it dehydrates and dries them out.

Apply Diatomaceous Earth Non-Toxic Ant Killing Powder to areas where there is ant activity and where the ants can crawl through this product, to carry it back to their nest. Where an ants nests has been found, just sprinkle the powder over the nest to kill the insects within.

* Eco friendly

* Non toxic

* Chemical and pesticide free

* Safe to use where children, pets or birds are present

* Effective for several months if kept dry

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