Dethlac Ant Killer Lacquer Aerosol Spray

Dethlac Ant Killer Lacquer Aerosol Spray 250ml is an effective product for killing and getting rid of an ant problem found inside the house or outside in the garden.

Dethlac dries to a hard lacquer finish that forms a barrier and if any ant should cross over the treated area, this product will kill the insect pest.
  • Easy to use aerosol 
  • Insect surface spray
  • Dries as a clear film
  • Can be applied to any non-absorbent surface indoors or outdoors
  • Do not use on UPVC
  • Once dried Dethlac is safe where children and pets are present
  • Can be sprayed into cracks and crevices where ants live and hide
  • Remains active for several months after treatment
  • Will not be affected by washing or rain
  • Contains Deltamethrin as the active ingredient
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