Cluster Fly Killer Insecticide Spray 1 Litre

Cluster Fly Killer Insecticide Spray 1 Litre is a treatment for killing and eradicating a cluster fly and other flying or crawling insect pest infestation.
  • Easy and ready to use trigger spray
  • Surface spray for walls, window and door frames or holes, cracks and crevices from where cluster flies are emerging
  • Can be for spot treating insects - gives instant knock down
  • Residual properties, this product will last for up to 12 weeks after the initial treatment to continue exterminating cluster flies
  • 1 x Litre of this insecticide will treat up to 20 square metres / 215 square feet
  • Contains 0.1% Cypermethrin
See here for our Cluster Fly Killer Insecticide Liquid 5 Litres.

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