Cluster Buster Fly Trap


Cluster Buster Fly Trap is an attractive but effective trap that kills and conceals cluster flies.

This trap sticks to the base of the window where cluster flies may be gathering. It is filled with exploded eggshell dust and once the cluster flies enter the trap they get caught in the dust and cannot get out.

Cluster flies leave a scent trail that attracts other cluster flies and so once cluster flies have started to get trapped they attract other cluster flies into the trap.

  • Easy to use
  • Peel off the protective coating of the adhesive back of the trap and stick to the base of any window in an affected area
  • Each trap will hold up to 1000 cluster flies
  • Long lasting, each trap will stay effective for between 2 - 4 years

Ideal for use in conjunction with our cluster fly sprays and powders or after a smoke fumigation treatment with our cluster fly power foggers or smoke bomb fumers.

Read here about Cluster Flies and how The Guardian Newspaper recommends the Cluster Buster Fly Trap.

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