Clothes Moth Control Treatment Pack 3

Clothes Moth Control Treatment Pack 3 contains all the pest control products that you need to kill and get rid of an infestation of clothes eating bugs in 5 - 6 rooms.

Our Clothes Moth Control Treatment Pack 3 contains:
  • 5 x litres Clothes Moth Killer Insecticide Liquid which is for use inside wardrobes and drawers [ remove garments before treatment ], on soft furnishings, carpets, rugs and hard surfaces. It will stay effective killing clothes moths and their larvae for up to 12 weeks after the initial spray treatment
  • 8 x Clothes Moth Smoke Bomb Fumers to fumigate the rooms with a clothes moth infestation. The smoke from these 'bombs' will infiltrate all the nooks and crannies where these damage causing insects live and breed
  • Instruction Sheet detailing how best to apply these pest control products
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