Cat Repellent and Deterrent Crystal Gel

Cat Repellent and Deterrent Crystal Gel for deterring and stopping problem cats that are making a mess in the garden or outdoor area. It may be a stray or neighbours cat that is being a nuisance, or you may just want to protect a choice plant specimen from damage by your own pet cat.
  • Contains 450ml that will treat up to 60 square metres / 645 square feet 
  • Bio-degradable and eco friendly 
  • Apply around flowers, shrubs and vegetables or use in patio containers 
  • Use for spot treating or for a general coverage 
  • Gel infused with garlic extract which acts as a smell deterrent to cats 
  • Humane method of cat pest control 
  • Will be affected by rainy conditions and so a re-application will be required
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