Flying Woodworm Beetle Electronic Killer


Flying Woodworm Beetle Electronic Killer for use in killing and stopping the flying beetles of the Common Furniture or Wood Beetle.

It is the larvae of these wood boring insects that does the damage inside wood, but when they reach maturity, they develop wings and fly off out of their exit holes. These holes are normally the first sign that you have a woodworm problem. The flying beetles may then find other wood in your home or business in which to lay their eggs and the life cycle continues with more of your wood at risk of damage.

Ideal for use in conjunction with our treatment products and ideal for use in areas susceptible to an infestation of woodworm such as in shops that sell wooden furniture, in carpentry units or for use in warehouses where wood is stored ready to be made into furniture or objets d'art. This unit can also be used in the home which has a severe woodworm problem.

  • Covers up to 80 square metres / 860 square feet
  • Can be wall mounted or ceiling suspended
  • This model is the Plus Light 30 Glue Board Fly and Flying Insect Killer

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