Deluxe Dust Blower Kit


Deluxe Dust Blower Kit is a heavy duty, professional powder blower ideal for applying our ant killing insecticidal or organic powders.

This dust blower has a long powder chamber with a hand held air bulb at one end for improved performance and a flexible extension pipe at the other. The pipe has a push fit nozzle which allows the powder to reach into nooks and crannies where ants are living and building their nests. 

The Deluxe Dust Blower Kit:

  • 1 x air bulb
  • 1 x 25g powder chamber
  • 1 x powder scoop for filling the powder chamber
  • 1 x 30cm / 11" flexible pipe with 6mm / 1/4" diametre nozzle
  • 2 x 4mm / 1/8" nozzle tips
  • Easy to clean and maintain

See also our Dust Blower for applying Ant Killing Powders that consists of a bulb which holds the powder and an extension tube.

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