Break Back Rat Trap in a Lockable Box


Break Back Rat Trap in a Lockable Box is a 'Snap E' type trap inside a tamper proof, safe box ideal for use in the home or garden where children are present or in sensitive areas such as public spaces or food preparation areas.

Both the rat trap and the safe bait box are made of durable, long lasting plastic and once the trap has been set, the box is locked with a key.

  • Easy to use and set
  • Pre-formed bait cup that holds the attractant lure such as peanut butter or chocolate
  • The break back strike bar travels half the distance of wooden rat traps giving a fast, clean kill in a quick and humane way
  • Easy to empty, with no need to touch the rodent
  • Easy to clean for re-use
  • Resistant to stain and odours unlike the old fashioned wooden rat traps
  • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors
  • Avoids the need to use poison baits to get rid of problem rodents

See here for our Snap E Rat Trap that is not in a tamper proof, safe box.

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