Ant Control Treatment Pack 1


Ant Control Treatment Pack 1 contains a selection of ant control supplies to eradicate and eliminate problem ants. This pack can be of use inside the house or outside in the garden or greenhouse. This combination of products is very effective for killing, stopping and getting rid of an infestation of ants.

Our Ant Control Treatment Pack 1 contains:

* 2 x Maxforce LN Professional Ant Gel Bait Stations containing 0.05% imidacloprid in a honey-based formulation which is an ant attractant lure. You can place these traps where you have seen ant activity

* 1 x Protector C / Insectaclear C 1 Litre Ant Killer Spray. This is a spot treatment product as well as being a residual ant killer spray that continues to work for up to 4 weeks after the initial treatment

* 1 x Rentokil Ant Killer Powder (150g). Use at floor level in cracks and crevices where you have seen ants

* 1 x Face mask

* 1 x Pair of Gloves for added protection

* 1 x Ant Killing Treatment Pack Information Sheet detailing how and where it is effective to use these ant killing products.

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