Woodworm Treatment Liquid Killer 2.5 litre


Woodworm Treatment Liquid Killer 2.5 litre is a low odour product for killing and getting rid of woodworm and other wood boring insects.

Best for use on wood that is not painted or varnished. This product is clear in colour and will penetrate the wood killing the eggs and larvae of woodworm - it is the larval stage that does the damage.

Use on wood that has evidence of woodworm or use on new wooden structures or unvarnished wooden furniture as a preventative treatment.

  • Apply this product with a brush
  • 2.5 litres is enough to treat 10 square metres / 107 square feet and is for internal and external use
  • Contains Permethrin 0.2%

See also Woodworm Treatment Liquid Killer 5 litre or Woodworm Killer Spray 500ml to use depending on the size of area that you need to treat.

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