Woodlice Smoke Bomb Fumers x 4


Woodlice Smoke Bomb Fumers x 4 to fumigate rooms against an infestation of woodlice and other crawling or flying insects.

The smoke from each generator infiltrates all the nooks and crannies where woodlice live and hide to flush them out and kill them.

  • Contains 13.25% Permethrin active ingredient which is a broad spectrum insecticide
  • 1 x smoke bomb fumer will treat an area up to 30 cubic metres / 1059 cubic feet such as a room that measures 3 metres x 4 metres / 10 feet x 13 feet
  • Easy to use
  • Remove pets and plants from the area to be treated
  • Seal the room to be treated by closing all windows and blocking fireplaces
  • Place a smoke bomb on a fire proof base such as an old saucer or tile
  • Remove the cap and light
  • Vacate the room for 4 - 6 hours
  • After the treatment re-enter the room and open all windows for ventilation
  • Leaves no smell or residue

These smoke generators are available also in a 10 x pack and 20 x pack please see our Woodlice Pest Control category.

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