Water Jet Spray Squirrel Repeller


Water Jet Spray Squirrel Repeller is an effective scarer and chaser for use in eradicating and eliminating problem squirrels in the garden.

Easy to use, just attach the Water Jet Spray Squirrel Repeller to your garden hose and this water blaster unit is ready to start working to repel, deter, stop and get rid of nuisance squirrels.

* Powered by 4 x AA batteries which allows the motion sensor detector system to function

* Coverage area of this device is 10 metres in front of the unit, in an arc of 120 degrees

Once a squirrel comes in to the range of the repellent unit, a jet of water is emitted which will scare away the problem rodent animal.

Effective and humane method of Squirrel Pest Control.

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