Ultrasonic Silverfish Repeller 4000

Ultrasonic Silverfish Repeller 4000 repels and gets rid of a silverfish infestation over an area of up to 371 square metres / 4000 square feet.

Sufficient to cover and protect an average 4 - 5 bedroom house, this unit gets rid of silverfish with electromagnetic and ultrasonic sound waves that disturb and disrupt their nervous system.
  • Easy to use plug in device
  • Plugs in to a standard 13 amp plug socket
  • LED light displays the setting
  • Whole house coverage
  • Repels silverfish, ants, beetles, cockroaches, earwigs, spiders, woodlice, mice, rats and squirrels
  • Top quality repeller that has won awards and is not like some repellent units that can be found on the internet
  • Humane and poison free method of silverfish control

Also available to cover and protect a 2 - 3 bedroom house is our Ultrasonic Silverfish Repeller 2500.

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