Rat Pest Control

There are two species of Rat in the UK but neither are native. There is the Black Rat, also known as the Ship Rat and there is the Brown Rat, also known as the Common Rat, Sewer Rat or Street Rat.

Black Rats [ Rattus rattus ] are rarely to be found these days.

Brown Rats are also called Norwegian Rats [ Rattus norvegicus ] and it is these rodents that are causing problems across the land and it is said, according to BBC reports, that the population is now at 15million and rising.

These rodent pests are common in all areas where humans live and they are thriving in large towns and cities. Milder Winters have reduced the natural mortality of rats and the way we live offers ideal conditions for rats to survive and breed. There is a lot of food wastage and coupled with the infrequency of rubbish removal these days, rats can find all they want to eat in our throwaway waste. Innocent compost heaps or bird food hangers also offer ideal conditions for rats. So its no wonder our streets and gardens are being invaded by these large rodents.

If you think that you have a rat problem, evidence to look for is, rat droppings and rat burrowing in outdoor areas or rat damage such as gnawing. Rat trails can sometimes be noticed where rats have passed through an area frequently. 

Inside a building, rats may be present under floors, in cavity walls and in roof voids. These rodent pests can come into living areas through holes in walls where waste pipes exit sinks and baths etc. As rats are usually present in sewer systems, they can find their way to the surface or under houses through breakages in sewer or drain pipes. 

Rats can spread diseases although they themselves are known to be very clean creatures, spending lots of time each day cleaning and grooming themselves. However Brown Rats can carry many diseases that can be transmitted to humans who come into contact with rat urine or faeces.

Diseases that can be spread by rats are, Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Listeria, Salmonella and Toxoplasma gondii.

Action needs to be taken if rats have invaded your property.

We are suppliers of a full range of the best Rat Pest Control Products that will kill or repel nuisance rats.

We have put together complete Rat Control Treatment Packs containing bait stations and poisons to kill and and get rid of rodent rats.

We have an excellent range of Whole Grain Poisons, Block Poisons and Rat Poison Pasta Bait all for killing and stopping problem rodents.

We are stockists of the traditional Snap E Break Back Trap and Electric Rat Traps.

If you prefer not to kill rats, we have Humane, Live Catch Rat Traps and Indoor or Outdoor Electronic Repellers.

If you need any help in the choice of your Rat Pest Control Products or Supplies, just give us a call on 03330 119703 or drop us an email info[a]pestcontrolproductsonline.co.uk and we will be happy to give you advice.


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