Ultrasonic Indoor Rat Repeller 2500

Ultrasonic Indoor Rat Repeller 2500 is an easy to use, plug in repellent device to scare away rats.
  • For INDOOR use ONLY

When rats come indoors it is usually in to the attic, loft or roof space where they like to nest or they can also find their way under floorboards and into wall cavities. They can cause problems such as making disturbing scratching noises as well as chewing through electrical wires which may lead to a fire!

Our Ultrasonic Indoor Rat Repeller 2500 is a combined ultrasonic and electromagnetic unit. To drive out these rodent pests, if they are in the attic, loft or roof space, you firstly need to either plug the unit into a 13 amp socket in the area where the rats are or place the unit in the area by means of using an electrical lead. Both the ultrasonic and electromagnetic settings need to be used to repel and get rid of these rodents. If the rats are under floor boards or in wall cavities then plug the unit in to the room which is being affected by these pests and use both the ultrasonic and electromagnetic settings.

Once the rats have left, which can take up to a few weeks if they have young in their nest, we would advise that you locate the entry point and seal it up. You can then plug the repeller into a central position in your house or business and use just the electromagnetic setting of the unit to maintain your property rodent and insect free.

  • This is the best rat repellent device that we have tested
  • Easy to use plug in device
  • Plugs in to a standard 13 amp plug socket
  • LED light displays the setting
  • Whole house coverage of a 2 - 3 bedroom property or 235 square metres / 2500 square feet
  • Also repels ants, beetles, cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish, spiders, squirrels, woodlice and mice
  • Top quality repeller that has won awards and is not like some repellent units that can be found on the internet
  • Humane and poison free method of rat control

Also available to cover and protect a 4 - 5 bedroom property or 371 square metres / 4000 square feet is our Ultrasonic Indoor Rat Repeller 4000.

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