Mouse Pest Control

There are 3 main species of pest mice that are found in the UK. The House Mouse, Field Mouse and the Yellow Necked Field Mouse.

House Mice are sized between about 7 - 9.5cm long and have small heads and feet with big eyes and ears. It is this type of mouse that may come into your home or business.

Field Mice are sized between about 8 - 10cm and have a long tail. This type of mouse rarely comes into the home but can be a nuisance to crop growers and farmers because during the winter months they may enter storage areas where fruit and vegetables are stored.

Yellow Necked Field Mice are sized between about 9.5 - 12cm and have a ring of yellow fur around their necks. This type of mouse can be a household pest particularly in rural areas as they are known to chew through electrical wiring that then poses a fire risk.

House Mice can be found in all areas of the home or business and they are excellent climbers, usually following water and heating pipes or electrical cables to access new areas. House Mice often find their way in to kitchen areas where they have access to food and can hide relatively easily behind cupboards and work units.

A mouse problem may be seen when mice droppings are found on soft furnishings such as sofas or chairs as they like to make their home in the interior of this type of furniture. Mice droppings may also be seen on table tops, kitchen work surfaces or at floor level.

Mice can spread diseases to humans through contact with their faeces, urine or saliva. Diseases can also be spread indirectly to humans via ticks, fleas and mites that may have fed on an infected mouse.

Diseases that can be spread by mice are, Hantavirus, Salmonella and Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis [ LCMV ].

Diseases that can be spread indirectly by ticks, fleas and mites are, Lyme Disease and Babesiosis.

Action needs to be taken if mice have invaded your property.

We are suppliers of a full range of the best Mouse Pest Control Products that will kill or repel nuisance mice.

We have put together complete Mouse Control Treatment Packs containing bait stations and poisons to kill and get rid of rodent mice.

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If you prefer not to kill mice, we have Humane, Live Catch Mice Traps and Electronic, Plug in Repellers.

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