Cardboard Mouse Poison Bait Boxes x 20


Cardboard Mouse Poison Bait Boxes x 20 are ideal for holding mice poisons such as our Rodex Wholewheat Mouse Poison or our Rodex Oktablok Mouse Poison Bait Blocks  or our Vertox Single Feed Mouse Poison Bait Blocks.

Mice feel safer in enclosed spaces and so they will take up poison baits more easily when the bait is inside a cardboard box than if the baits are left in the open.

  • For indoor use
  • Ideal for use in dry areas such as behind kitchen plynths, under floorboards or in roof voids
  • Protects poison baits from dust or contamination

Please note that if mouse poison is to be put down / laid where children or pets are present, you should use our Tamper Proof Mouse Bait Boxes.

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