Fox Pest Control

There are many different types of Fox [ Vulpes vulpes ] throughout the World and they are the most widespread species of wild dog.

The most common type of Fox in the UK is the Red Fox. The male is known as a Dog or Reynard and the female is known as a Vixen. Foxes tend to live in a family unit along with their young [ cubs ]. The breeding season begins in January when the screeching mating cry may be heard through the night. Normally 4 to 5 cubs are born around March or April.

Foxes in the UK are found in the countryside as well as in towns and cities. Foxes in the countryside are more wary of humans and so are not seen as often. In towns and cities,  Foxes are becoming more and more urbanised, not being afraid to enter domestic gardens in their search for food and they have also become habituated to humans.

Foxes are scavengers and will eat berries, birds, earthworms, fruit, insects, rabbits and food scraps left by humans.

The Fox is a crepuscular animal which means they are more active around dawn and dusk. However in towns and cities foxes can now be seen at anytime during the day or night.

If you are being bothered by a fox that is coming into your garden or onto your land, we are suppliers of a full range of the best Fox Pest Control Products for repelling, deterring, stopping and getting rid of pest foxes.

We supply Mains Electric and Battery Operated Fox Repellers as well as a Water Jet Spray Fox Repeller. We are stockists of the 'Nite Eyes' Solar Powered Fox Repeller which was featured on the BBC Programme 'Countryfile'.

We sell online Fox Repellent Granules that are ideal for small areas as well as Plastic Fence Spikes to prevent foxes and human intruders gaining access to your outside space.

All of these Fox repellent and deterrent pest control products are methods that are kind and humane to repel, deter, scare away, stop and get rid of problem foxes.

Lastly, if you want to catch a fox to take to a sanctuary, we have a very strong, Fox Cage Trap made of long lasting galvanised steel.

If you need any help in the choice of your Fox Pest Control Products or Supplies, just give us a call on 03330 119703 or email info[a] and we will be happy to give you advice.

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