Flea Pest Control

Cat Fleas and Dog Fleas are common in the UK and they can be present in many homes especially where pet cats and dogs are living. Sometimes other fleas can be found in the home such as the bird flea which can migrate down from birds nests in roof spaces and lofts. 

Cat Fleas [  Ctenocephalides felis ] and Dog Fleas [ Ctenocephalides canis ] live in the garden especially in damp, shady areas such as under trees or shrubs. Pet animals, who also like to take shade under trees or shrubs, pick up the flea insect in their fur and transport these parasites into the home.

Cat Fleas and Dog Fleas feed on blood and will feed on cats and dogs, jumping on them at the fleas meal time and then jumping off again to live in carpets, rugs and pet bedding - humans will very rarely be affected. However, when the pet cat or dog is not present, the fleas will then readily feed on the human inhabitants of the house or business. The bites caused by fleas as they take their human blood meal are usually concentrated on the lower parts of legs but they can be on other exposed parts of the body. Flea bites can cause irritation or itching. It is normally once a human has been bitten that it is clear that there is a flea infestation.

Fleas can be a health hazard as they can spread diseases such as Typhus, Bubonic Plague and Cat Scratch Fever.

The Best Way to Eradicate these Insects is to give a thorough cleaning of the affected rooms, washing all pets bedding on a hot wash or throwing it away and then you need to apply a suitable Flea Treatment to your cat or dog. These are obtainable from the Vet or from a Pharmacy. Then you need to apply a pest control treatment in the rooms affected.

We are suppliers of a full range of the best Flea Pest Control Products to kill and eliminate these biting insect pests.

We have put together complete insecticidal and organic Flea Control Treatment Packs containing a combination of specific flea pest control products to exterminate and eradicate these harmful insects.

We have insecticidal or organic Flea Killer Sprays and Flea Killing Powders, Smoke Bomb Fumers and Power Foggers. We are also stockists of an Electric Flea Killer Trap that  tricks fleas into thinking that they are jumping onto a warm blooded mammal.

If you need any help in the choice of your Flea Pest Control Products or Supplies, just give us a call on 03330 119703 or drop us an email info[a]pestcontrolproductsonline.co.uk and we will be happy to give you advice.


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