Mains Electric Deer Repeller


Mains Electric Deer Repeller scares deer away from gardens and other areas.

* Works on a PIR [Passive Infra Red] system

* Covers up to 15 metres [ approx. 50 feet ]

* Total coverage is 235 square metres [ approx. 2500 square feet ]

* Has 3 frequency settings to scare off other garden pest animals as well as deer

* Can be free standing or fixed to a wall, fence or tree and comes with a mounting bracket and fixing rod

* Comes with a 10 metre cable and runs on electricity

Alternatively you can power this deer repellent unit on Solar Energy with the use of our Solar Power Kit that can be found under our Deer Pest Control category of products.

This deer repellent device is inaudible to humans, birds and fish.

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