Cluster Fly Pest Control

Cluster Flies larvae develop in earthworms that live in gardens and outdoor areas. Once developed into adults each cluster fly measures about 6mm in length with a wing span of about 10mm, making them a bit larger than house flies. They are slower than house flies and don't fly about as fast.

Cluster Flies are commonly found 'clustering' in large numbers around windows between Spring and Autumn. Usually it is the higher windows on the south or west side of a property that are most affected. Around September, cluster flies will come indoors through the most minute of cracks or holes as they want to overwinter. Lofts, attics and roof spaces are the most common areas where cluster flies will spend the winter months emerging on warmer days when they can be a particular nuisance. 

Cluster Flies often migrate down from their roof void homes through ceiling lights and small cracks in the plaster-work to occupy bedrooms below and they can come down cavity walls into even lower rooms via air bricks in walls. 

When a cluster fly moves into a building, it leaves a scent trail for other cluster flies to follow to ensure the largest possible number of flies will be able to survive during the winter. 

We are suppliers of a full range of the best Cluster Fly Pest Control Products to kill and eradicate these nuisance flying insect pests.

We have put together complete Cluster Fly Control Treatment Packs containing a combination of pest control products to kill and exterminate these pest insects.

We have insecticidal or organic Cluster Fly Killer Sprays, Powders, Smoke Bombs and Power Foggers that will knock down and kill cluster flies.

For long term control, we supply an Auto Dispenser of Cluster Fly Insecticide as well as special Electric Cluster Fly Killers with especially deep collection trays to catch all the dead cluster flies that have been electrocuted on the grids of these fly killing machines.

If you need any help in the choice of your Cluster Fly Pest Control Products or Supplies, just give us a call on 03330 119703 or drop us an email info[a] and we will be happy to give you advice.

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