T65 Cluster Fly Electric Fly Killer


T65 Cluster Fly Electric Fly Killer is especially effective if you have a Cluster Fly problem as the Cluster Fly Catch Tray [ for sale seperately ] can be fitted to the unit. The catch and hold tray holds more flies and flying insects than the integrated tray which is of benefit when using this T65 30 watt Electric Fly Killer to kill cluster flies. The tray has a 10 litre capacity.

  • White Steel finish
  • Uses 2 x 15 watt uv bulbs
  • Covers up to 90 square metres / 968 square feet
  • Dimensions: 500mm x 271mm x 145mm
  • For wall, ceiling or desk mounting
  • 1 year guarantee - excluding the tube
  • CE Approved and Tested

Click here for spares > Electric Fly Killers where you can also see our full range of electric grid and glue board fly killing machines as it is our sister website www.flykillersonline.co.uk

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