Cluster Fly Smoke Bomb Fumers x 4


Cluster Fly Smoke Bomb Fumers x 4 are foggers for use in roof voids, attics and lofts to kill cluster flies that are overwintering. Cluster flies are flies that come into these areas of houses in Autumn and stay until Spring.

Cluster Flies "cluster" together to try an keep warm to survive the winter period and so come in large numbers into attics, lofts or roof spaces. The activity of these flying bugs is mainly twice a year around March and again in September but can continue throughout the Autumn and Winter period.

We would always advise that you treat your loft twice a year with our Cluster Fly Smoke Bomb Fumers if you are prone to cluster fly problems. We suggest around March and September time.

Use 4 fumers per average sized loft.

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