Cat Pest Control

According to the PDSA [ - UK pet populations ] 25% of UK adults have a pet cat with an estimate of there being 11.1 million pet cats.

Cats make good companions as pets but sometimes feral or neighbours cats can be a nuisance when they come into the garden. They may be attacking a pet cat or they may be causing damage such as scratching at decorative fencingdigging in the borders or making a mess on the lawn. If you have an errant cat hanging around, you will be wondering how to get rid of it and stop it from coming into the garden.

We are suppliers of a full range of Cat Pest Control Products for repelling, deterring, stopping and getting rid of nuisance cats.

We supply Mains Electric and Battery Operated Cat Repellers, a Water Jet Spray Cat Repeller and the Mega Sonic Cat Repeller Gun which fires sounds that are disturbing to cats.

We are stockists of Cat Repellent and Deterrent Granules, Gels and Sprays as well as strips of Cat Repellent Plastic Spikes, sometimes known as Prikka Strips or Prickler Strips, for fixing to the tops of walls and fences to prevent cats from entering your garden or outside space. All of these cat repellent and deterrent pest control products are methods that are kind and humane to repel, deter, scare away, stop and get rid of problem cats.

Lastly we have a sturdy Cat Cage Trap so that you can catch a feral cat and take it to a local sanctuary.

If you need any help in the choice of your Cat Pest Control Products or Supplies, just give us a call on 03330 119703 or email info[a] and we will be happy to give you advice.

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