Seagull Proofing Spikes


Seagull Proofing Spikes stop and prevent gulls and seagulls from landing, nesting or perching on buildings.

These stainless steel proofing spikes are fitted onto a UV stabilised polycarbanate base which gives long life and durability.

The Seagull Proof Spikes are set in 4 rows at differing angles and will cover a width of 11" (28cm). For wider coverage simply place the strips of sea gull spikes parallel to each other. These spikes are longer than standard Pigeon and Bird Proofing Spikes because the legs of seagull are much longer!

These are professional grade seagull spikes used by Bird Control and Bird Proofing Companies on commercial buildings.

Manufacturers 12 year warranty.

Easy to fix with our Bird Spike Adhesive to concrete, brick metal roof tiles or waste pipes etc.

Price is per metre length. For multiple strips of these spikes just 'add to cart' and you can enter the number of metres you require.

Next Day Delivery.

Our price includes VAT.

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