Roof Ridge Bird Proofing Spikes


Roof Ridge Bird Proofing Spikes to protect your roof and prevent birds such as seagull, pigeons, sparrows, starlings or rooks from landing and perching. If the birds are not on your roof then they will not be making a mess with their poop!

Each Roof Ridge Bird Spike section measure 275mm / 11" and stands 150mm / 6" high - once you have added this product to your cart, you can insert how many sections you require.

The clear base of these bird spikes for roof ridges are made of UV stabilised polycarbonate with 304 grade stainless steel spikes.

These proofing spikes have a long life and come with a 12 year manufacturers warranty.

Easy to fix with the use of our 'Fix All Adhesive' that can been seen under the Birds, Pigeons, Seagulls Control section to the left.

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